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Home Inspections

An Inspecting Georgia home inspection is a non-intrusive visual inspection that follows the ASHI Standards of Practice. The average inspection takes about 3 hours. Once the inspection is completed, a detailed written report with photos will be emailed to the client and agent. The client, client's representative and/or agent are welcome to attend the inspection.

Home Inspections are generally performed on houses, apartments, condos, townhouses, log cabins and modular homes.

Home inspections generally form part of a Real Estate Transaction i.e. as a buyer you would have the potential home inspected during the due diligence period to obtain valuable information to help make an informed decision about the home.

Occasionally, a seller has a pre-listing inspection performed to identify any potential problems to avoid surprises later on. It is recommended to discuss a pre-listing inspection with your Realtor prior to scheduling one.

New Construction inspections fall into the following categories: -

Pre-drywall inspection

Final Inspection (just before closing)

1-Year Warranty (Generally performed 11-months after closing)

Pool & Spa Inspections

An Inspecting Georgia pool inspection not only inspects the pool, pool equipment, electrical and safety devices, but barriers and gates too.


If you require a Radon inspection, let us know, and we will put you in touch with an independent radon testing company that only does radon testing.

Septic Inspections

A septic dye test can be performed, which is a capacity test of the septic tank and fields. The test consists of placing a dye in the sewer system and then running a predetermined volume of water through the sewer system and looking for any signs of leaks and or capacity issues.

If you have any concerns about the septic system, it is recommended to have the septic system physically inspected by a registered septic company.

Termite Clearance Letter

Most closings require an official Wood Infestation Report which is secured with a termite clearance letter. If you need a termite clearance letter, let us know and we will put you in touch with a National Exterminating company that offers inspections.


Your privacy is respected, and your details are not provided to any third party.